• Rape

    The Punishment – Part 3

    “Saamp lot rahe hain mere seene pe Rudra!” “Kya hua Babu Ji?”, asked the chivalrous son. “Nahin dekha jata ab mujhse. Pakda bhi nahin jayega, aur pakda gaya to saala fir bahar aa jayega.” “Rape case mein, ladki ko jalane k baad, aise kaise bahar aa jayega?”, Rudra tensed. “Saboot kahan hain?”, the man was exasperated. “Aur saboot hain bhi, to khatam kar denge.” “To kya kuch nahin kara ja sakta?”, Rudra was impatient now. “Saja to milni chahiye.” “Hum soyenge Rudra, aur shok manaenge. Jaise karte aaein hain.” Shadows were hazy the next day. Clouds were threatening to burst but, not as much as a mere leaf was moving.…

  • Kaand

    The Punishment – Part 2

    “Abe yaar, kaand ho gaya ye to!” exclaimed Mahendra looking at the half burned, teenage female body dumped in a drain near the Bhagwan Ghat railway station. Lighting a smoke, he ordered the constables to pull the body out of the drain for inspection. “Sahab! Sad gayi hai laash. Bada ghinauna kaam hai ye.” said Puttan Lal, panting, his uniform stained with muck. Mahendra’s expressions were vacant, his mind was mulling over the shit-storm he would have to face now. Just then a band of reporters appeared out of nowhere. “Puttan, bhagao in nautanki walon ko yahan se. Barricade lagao, aur koi idhar aane ko ho to latth bhaanj do.”…

  • ulterior motives
    Poems,  Scribbles

    Ulterior Motives

    Like the faded blues of a 50s movie Everything becomes artistically bland when I see you going   I prefer thinking about you as the only colored In the black and white reel of life   Soft, alluring, you urge me to follow And I, how could I do that?   I have ulterior motives, you know I cannot just follow   I dream of getting that color from you A soft touch of those berry lips   Sensual, subtle, and tantalizing Your hands, I dream to hold   Soft, calm, and whispering, your breath I wish to make you lose   Luscious, brave, and fiery I want to put…

  • The Punishment

    The Punishment – Part 1

    “In an unexpected turn of events, Baccha, one of the accused in the Madhavi rape case was found hanging upside down on the entrance gate of his society. The accused’s penis was cut-off and shoved in his mouth, and the word “Rapist” was carved on his forehead. An iron rod was also protruding from his butt that also had burnt marks, apparently from the hot iron rod. He was found this morning by the society guard Satark Dev at 4 a.m., who along with a few members of the society took him to a nearby hospital for medical attention.”………………….. “One down, two to go.”, the man switched off the T.V.…

  • मनाली की हवा सी
    Poems,  Scribbles

    मनाली की हवा सी वो

    भरी धूप में बादलों की छाांव सी वो कभी दिखती है कभी ओझल हो जाती है उसे देख जैसे जन्मों की थकान पल भर में छू मंतर हो जाती है जहााँ कदम रख दे वो कण कण में मस्ती छा जाती है ठहर सा जाता हूँ उसकी नज़र में आते ही सारे बदन में सिहरन जो दौड़ जाती है लेती है सुकूं की गहरी साँस ये दुनिया जब खुद को उसकी संगत में पाती है दिल्ली में मनाली की हवा सी वो बस ज़िक्र भर से इत्मीनान दे जाती है – गर्ग

  • The Sun and The Moon
    Poems,  Scribbles

    The Sun and the Moon

    They rise apart, they meet sometimes None of them care for the atrocity of time They shine and spread the light divine And let life sprout even on the barren lines They show those who are lost, the path to find But, none of them care for the sorrows of time They meet sometimes, the sun and the moon Blending into another or covering them for a while Day and night, they spend in solace But, at Dawn and Dusk their magic shines Those peaceful moments keep us in awe While they compensate for their flawed time.

  • Gladiator
    Poems,  Scribbles


    Numb brain Parched throat Dilated eyes Shaking hands Nothing that I could understand   Inexplicably convulsive events Impulsive me Standing still Wasting energy calming my being Nothing that I could understand   Buzzing people Laughing eyes Ignorant steps Sounding like chimes Nothing that I could understand   Cannot yell Cannot cry Cannot run Have to Fight Still Nothing that I could understand

  • Poems,  Scribbles

    Slayer of Hearts

    Swift eyes smiling and chiding you at the same time Smirky lips making you dream of the kiss sublime Touch of her presence make you want to hold her and dance around Oh! She is the Slayer of Hearts majestically abound Playfully, she whips her hair around your heart Subtly she holds your heart in her grasp Looking into your eyes, she keeps reading the thoughts within And you just fall for the Slayer of Hearts You hold her in your arms, humming your heartbeats And she puts her finger on your lips, soothing your soul Turning around, swaying, she moves on You get a glimpse of her eyes, calling…

  • Molten Metal
    Poems,  Scribbles

    Molten Metal

    I want to gobble down Molten metal, about a pound Just to settle the matter What hurts more, what goes better Because now I am tired Of this insane existence Questioning my every move Even when I didn’t make’em I have been turning the pages But this book just keeps dragging And now that I have left it It keeps me attracting From silky red roses To red knuckles I have found That just feeling something Doesn’t make it profound Being trapped in the cage Of my feelings I stayed Feeling pain more than mine That just can’t be defined So, I want to gobble down Molten metal, about a…

  • Innocent minds
    Musings,  Scribbles

    Moulding Innocent Minds

    The fairy tales full of gruesome stories, Presented in an enchanting way, To feed innocent minds the horrid tales, And make it look like it’s all great. Like the story of sleeping beauty, That is so mesmerizing to read, A girl being raped in her sleep, And then to her rapist being married, Idolizing him all the time, As someone who saved her, Like that’s how the girl is treated, And the norm how a rapist is favored. Many such poems and tales were written, But they were meant to be sarcastic, To knock the sleeping minds until they wake up, And change the things that were inept, But how…