The Time is Now!

A recent bout with the most dangerous disease of our times has led me to believe that the time for everything is now. This notion has always existed in philosophies and speeches that motivate you, but to feel it in your bones is a different thing altogether.

Like most of us, I have always been asked to give a conscious thought to what I am doing and concentrate on it without distractions. And like most of us, I have never been good at it.

From the very start of my life there has always been some external reason for why I did things. When I started school, I had to study hard to get good marks. So, good marks were the end goal and studying hard was the way to achieve it.

Mind you, the end goal was never learning things or getting a better understanding of things, but good marks, a better rank, and subsequently boasting rights.

But what good are those boasting rights or good marks or a pat on the back in the long run?

While coughing my brains out and trying to hold the medicines in to get my fever in control, those things did not really matter to me.

What mattered to me most was how I had, against all odds, decided to leave my chosen field of study and pick a totally different career path for myself. Why? Because I didn’t like that field as much to invest my whole life in it.

What mattered to me most was how I can be happy while I talk to my parents any time of the day, any day of the year.

What mattered to me most was how I have some friends who just care.

Now, this entire piece may come out as a rambling to you, but these ramblings are what helped me shape my life the way I wanted it.

So, I will try and take you through my life journey of how an introvert who never took his own decisions just mustered enough courage to do what he wanted. That’s it.